About Us

At The Linen Company (TLC), our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We understand that this means unmatched standards of quality and care, reliability, and simplification of the task at hand for the customer.

TLC currently provides valet cleaning service for numerous hotels, corporate and government accounts, and have a growing retail business with three different locations.

The family behind TLC has been in the dry cleaning industry for over fifteen years, so you can be rest assured that they know this business! The owners are a husband and wife team, Jimmy and Mindy, whose family began in the dry cleaning business in the New York/New Jersey area. They expanded to Maryland within the past five years, and have grown the business exponentially in the area within this short time frame. Prior to entering the industry, both Jimmy and Mindy had very demanding careers as a chef and an attorney, so they understand the value of attention to detail and minimizing the time devoted to running errands and simplifying hectic schedules.

To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, Jimmy and Mindy personally oversee all of the day to day operations in their full service facility, where all of the cleaning process takes place. Quality assurance of the facility is guaranteed by continually reinvesting in the improvement of the facility, whether it be in the form of new technology or cutting edge equipment. From Germany to Japan manufacturers, TLC only uses equipment that guarantee the best performance and end-result. For specialty items, such as leather cleaning and shoe repair, TLC has partnered up with experts that are equally committed to providing the best products and service in the community.

TLC recognizes and commits to be environmentally conscious in its day to day operations. Accordingly, all the equipments and standards meet strict EPA’s rules and regulations for Clean Air Protection and hazardous waste management.

TLC also understands that the greatest of all facility could not succeed without the hard working individuals that are pivotal in providing the highest standard of care. Therefore, the team of skilled professionala at TLC, from the cleaners, pressers, tailors, quality-checkers, and drivers, are constantly re-trained to assure the best possible care for all of items that are handled by the company.

Stain removal is best accomplished when the stain is still fresh. Do not put anything away when it is stained or soiled.
Don’t leave a pile of clothes in your car, waiting for an opportunity to stop at the cleaners. Sunlight and heat in a closed car can cause garments to fade and weaken the fabric fibers.
If treating a stain at home, blot instead of rubbing, because rubbing can cause abrasion and damage the finish of the fabric.
When wearing leather or suede, we recommend wearing a scarf to minimize or prohibit your natural oils from seeping into the leather.
Always dry clean all of your linen garments after the season, and before putting them away, because unseen soils that may not be visible to the eye may develop into stains during storage.
If wearing any toiletries or fragrances, remember to always spray your body, and not the clothes. The alcohol in many of these toiletries can leave yellowish stains that are not visible to the eye until after the garments are dry cleaned. The alcohol can also cause colors to fade from fabrics.
Multiple piece ensembles such as suits should be cleaned at the same time. Occasionally, colors may change slightly during the cleaning process, and cleaning the pieces together will minimize color inconsistency.