How TLC Works

Our services are as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign up for our services through the Sign Up form or by contacting us. After signing up, let us know when you have garments or any items for cleaning.
  2. We pick up the items from you.
  3. The items are cleaned in accordance with our highest standard of quality and care and then are delivered directly to you.
Stain removal is best accomplished when the stain is still fresh. Do not put anything away when it is stained or soiled.
Don’t leave a pile of clothes in your car, waiting for an opportunity to stop at the cleaners. Sunlight and heat in a closed car can cause garments to fade and weaken the fabric fibers.
If treating a stain at home, blot instead of rubbing, because rubbing can cause abrasion and damage the finish of the fabric.
When wearing leather or suede, we recommend wearing a scarf to minimize or prohibit your natural oils from seeping into the leather.
Always dry clean all of your linen garments after the season, and before putting them away, because unseen soils that may not be visible to the eye may develop into stains during storage.
If wearing any toiletries or fragrances, remember to always spray your body, and not the clothes. The alcohol in many of these toiletries can leave yellowish stains that are not visible to the eye until after the garments are dry cleaned. The alcohol can also cause colors to fade from fabrics.
Multiple piece ensembles such as suits should be cleaned at the same time. Occasionally, colors may change slightly during the cleaning process, and cleaning the pieces together will minimize color inconsistency.